Our Policies

Please read through our policies so you are familar with them before your child starts.

Health Policies


Dunsborough Soccer Club recognises that smoking and passive smoking are hazardous to health. Dunsborough Soccer Club will ensure a smoke free environment by:

Ensuring all areas occupied & used by Dunsborough Soccer Club, including changing rooms, offices and all club functions are smoke-free. Prominently displaying non-smoking signage


Dunsborough Soccer Club will promote a friendly, safe and enjoyable environment, free from alcohol at all junior events. Dunsborough Soccer Club will promote responsible adult use of alcohol at any adult social events.

Dunsborough Soccer Club will promote the responsible adult / parent use of alcohol by:

  • Outlaw any persons taking alcoholic beverages anywhere near the playing surfaces on the oval.
  • Promoting low and non-alcoholic drinks to parents.
  • Discouraging guests, spectators & parents from drinking alcoholic drinks while sports are being played.


Dunsborough Soccer Club takes the following position in regards to drugs & medication:

  • Dunsborough Soccer Club discourages the use of medications in respect of injury/recovery that would enable a participant to compete where they would not otherwise have been able.
  • The use of illicit drugs and performance enhancing drugs is not permitted by any Dunsborough Soccer Club members or patrons.
  • Dunsborough Soccer Club will adopt and be guided by the Sports Medicine Australia policy on the administration of medications by non-medical personnel.


Dunsborough Soccer Club will take reasonable steps to address sun safe practices by, where possible:

  • Scheduling activities outside the hours of 10.00am to 3.00pm where possible.
  • Making maximum usage of existing shade facilities.
  • Following the Cancer Foundation of Western Australia guidelines for SunSmart clothing, use of sunscreen and wearing of hats where practical.


The safety of all members is our primary concern. Dunsborough Soccer Club will actively seek to promote, encourage and support SportSafe strategies for all training and games at all levels throughout the Club.

Dunsborough Soccer Club will encourage all members to adopt practices that seek to prevent injury by:

  • Encouraging warm-up, cool-down and stretching as an important component of playing and training.
  • Promoting the use of protective equipment including shin guards, mouthguards, suitable clothing and footwear.
  • Providing safe playing surfaces, first aid equipment and accredited First Aiders/Sports Trainers at training sessions and competition matches.
  • Subsidise Coaches to attend courses in the correct supervision of the sport for juniors & the environment they participate in.
  • Encouraging all players with a prior or current injury to seek professional advice from a sports medicine professional and be fully rehabilitated before returning to play.
  • Encourage senior players, coaches, officials and parents to be sports safety role models and to be aware of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Advise players to replace fluids before, during and after training and competition sessions, and to have their own water bottle.
  • Encourage any player who has an illness or serious injury to seek a medical Clearance before returning to training and competition.
  • Ensuring adequate public liability and player insurance of all members.